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M.G. June 2022

Children are the meaning of happiness, and when a baby is born, you can see, smell and touch this happiness on a daily bases. M.G. was born the 28th of June 2022, to a LGBTQ+ couple from California. This joyous occasion is what we work so hard for. M.G is one of many examples that dreams do come true.

It takes courage to leap into a procedure you know so little about, it takes strength to embark on the plans of having a baby, and it take discipline and dedication to reach the end result. 

The journey for IPs E. and A. started around January 2021 and by the end of July 2022, M.G. and his two fathers, were home making their introduction to the rest of the family. From start to finish the program took about 18 months, this is a normal timeframe for a Surrogacy program. 18 months may seem like a long time but when M.G. was born, the wait was well worth the journey. 

AMx3 Solutions is proud to have been a part of this amazing process that created two Amazing Fathers and one Amazing little boy. 


March 2017 

A family has many members, some that we choose and some that are given to us by God or destiny. AMx3 Solutions is proud to be a part of providing these gifts to very deserving people. We may not physically perform the medical procedures but we do play a fundamental role in making this magic happen. There are many very important parts that need to be considered when performing fertility treatments. One of those parts is the Patient Coordination and making sure that the medical indications are followed as perfectly as possible. AMx3 Solutions is happy to have some of the best patient coordinators on its team, we are proud to have the ability to help families grow and be able to solve some of the biggest issues that infertility presents. 

Not only do we help with explaining medical indications to patients, but we also help you acquire what you need for your fertility treatment. If you need Medication for an Ovarian Stimulation or an Endometrial Preparation Protocol, we can help you get it.


There are many different protocols that can be performed during an IVF Treatment, and for each of them you will need medication, supplements, and vitamins. AMx3 Solutions is able to get you the medication in a timely manner. 


While you are focusing on the medical steps and indications, AMx3 Solutions can focus on the planning and travel. We can recommend the best hotels and accommodations and also help with the reservations. 

We focus on the logistics so you can focus on the medical indications.

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Results you can see, smell, touch and feel.


See What Our IPs Are Saying

We scheduled our visit, I am so thankful for Alonso, he was able to handle all of our questions after scheduling our visit and he dealt with me time after time before our arrival to the clinic, every time I emailed him, his response was so fast, I was never worried about getting a hold of them.

IL, Kansas

 We would highly recommend it! The IVF coordinator Alonso that got us here. Wow! Alonso is a unbelievable professional. His knowledge and bare bones explanations of procedures in IVF feild is accurate and incredible. We thought we drove him nuts with questions we kept learning online that he always answered with his practical knowledge of the IVF procedures, processes, and protocols.  

Wayne, Washington

The atmosphere, cleanliness and professionalism is top notch and is equal to what I had experienced at home in Canada. Our first contact was with Alonso. He is an amazing person and answered all of our calls with multiple questions, sometimes twice a day for a month, till we made our decision. He not only helped with fertility questions but also which hotels to stay, what amenities were close by and cultural information about the area.

TM, Canada

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