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Fertility Guides available 

By your side until the baby takes our place. 

How to  prepare

•Books, Website, & Apps

•Travel & Accommodations

•What to Pack & What to Buy in Mexico  PRE-BIRTH

•Meeting Your Surrogate

•Birth Plan


•Packing for the Hospital  AT THE HOSPITAL

•Pre-Birth Preparations

•Delivery Room

•Recovery & Visitors



•Day 1



•Birth Certificate

•Citizenship & Passport

•Leaving Mexico



-Baby 411

-Sleep Training

-12 Hours in 12 Weeks

-Ferber Method (Gradual Extinction)

-Mitelman Method (Extinction)



                                                             WEBSITES/ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW

-Today’s Parent

-What to Expect (Instagram)

-The.peaceful.sleeper (Instagram)

-Allthingschildcare (Instagram)


-Sleep & Food Tracking


-Private Photo Sharing (Instagram Alternative)


                                          TRAVEL & ACCOMODATIONS


In partnership with your doctors EDM will advise on a recommended arrival date. We usually recommend arriving 3 days prior to the expected  date of birth. Pregnancies are unpredictable by nature, so if possible, try to book flexible fares that allow you to come early should it be  necessary.



Your child will be born in Bucerias (25-30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta airport) at CMQ Hospital. Appointments will take place in Bucerias  prior to the birth and post birth will be in either Bucerias or Puerto Vallarta. Hotels and AirBnb is available in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding  areas. Depending on your personal preferences it can be helpful to be located near your consulate, malls, and grocery stores. All inclusive  resorts offer many conveniences but do make certain things like grocery shopping, laundry, and sanitizing bottles a bit challenging. Selecting  a location near groceries and shopping can help eliminate the need to rent a car during your stay.



Depending on your nationality you will need to work with your respective consulate/embassy to report the birth of your child abroad and  receive their new citizenship and passport. This process is extremely involved and can often take weeks or even months to achieve. Ensuring  flexibility with your outgoing flights and having options for extended accommodations is highly recommended.

                  WHAT TO PACK & WHAT TO BUY IN MEXICO


To Bring


•Pack and play crib

•Stroller/Car Seat

•Baby carrier (on-body)

•Baby bag

•Baby monitor

•White noise machine

•Changing pad

•Soother and soother clips

•Small Burb Cloths

•8 4 oz bottles

•5 Swaddle Blankets

•Feeding bibs

•Touchless thermometer

•High contrast toys/flashcards (black/white)

•Clothing (Bring additional if you do not have access to laundry as there are not a lot of places to shop for baby clothing in PV)

•5-7 Sleepers

•5 Tops

•3 Bottoms

Sun Hat

To Buy


•Distilled water (Baby water is available at grocery stores and pharmacies)

•Bottle sanitization supplies:

•Hot plate and large pot if not at an apartment

•Residue free dish soap


•Dry rack or tray, and bottle brush)


•Baby Wipes

•Formula (Mexico has plenty of great options for formula that are widely available)

•Baby bath soap

•Baby bath towel

•Baby bathtub (use bathtub, sink, or if needed a small smooth sided plastic bin can be used)

•Baby lotion

•Vaseline (Helpful for diaper rash)

•Small trash bags for diapers


                              MEETING YOUR SURROGATE


During the life of your pregnancy, you will have the opportunity to join your surrogate at either the structural ultrasound or may just be meeting  them for the first time in the days leading up to the pregnancy. In the final days leading up to the birth you will have the opportunity to be  present at any Gynecological appointments.



The EDM team would be happy to set up a dinner in Bucerias or Puerto Vallarta with your surrogate and members of our team. This is a great  way to have an introduction to your surrogate and EDM team. Familiarity with your surrogate is nice to have before entering the hospital for  the birth process. Building a rapport and starting to discuss some of your wishes for the day of the birth can be helpful in advance. Feel free  to bring any family members or friends that you would like to be a part of the process.



We recommend that contact with your surrogate be maintained through our agency. Exchange of phone numbers or social media is generally  discouraged but is at your discretion. EDM is happy to share photos and messages with your surrogate whenever required on your behalf.


                                        BIRTH PLAN DECISIONS



Delivery Room

During the birth you will have the opportunity to be present in the delivery room. You will join your surrogate until they are taken into pre  surgery, and you will be suited up with the doctors and asked to wait until the procedure starts and you are welcome into the room. If you  choose not to be present, you can wait in the hospital room and will be able to greet your newborn once the surrogate returns from recovery.


Vitamin K shots can be administered at birth. Documentation to help you decide if you would like this administered is available in most baby  books and with major government health agencies. Advise your pediatrician of your decision prior to delivery.


The cutting of the umbilical cord can be done by you if requested. Saving or donating the umbilical cord are both options available to you and  if planning to save should be coordinated in advance of the day of birth.


Filming/phots in the delivery room can help capture the precious first moments of life. Speak with your surrogate to ensure they consent to  certain parts of the procedure being photographed or filmed.

Hospital Nights

The surrogate and nurses will care for your child should you decide to sleep at home at night. There is also accommodations at the hospital  should you prefer to sleep onsite. Speak with EDM in advance of the day of birth should you decide to spend the nights at the hospital.


Your baby and surrogate will share a private hospital room after the birth. Any visitors will be able to visit you and the baby at the hospital.  Speak with EDM and your surrogate to ensure that any planned visitors arrive at proper visiting hours and the surrogate's privacy is  respected during her recovery. Your baby will be required to stay in the hospital room during the entire hospital recovery period.

Complete Surrogacy Program

·         Remote Evaluation by Fertility Specialist:

·         Multiple locations to choose from:

·         13 - 18 Donor Eggs, Local Mexican Donor:

·         IVF – In Vitro Fertilization:

·         Legal contracts and “Amparo” Trial 

·         Surrogate matching and evaluation:

·         Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET): 3 FETs

·         Pregnancy and Birth of the baby:

·         Passport to travel: $3,500.00 usd per baby

 Estimated cost
$66,000.00 usd

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