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Coordination and Guidance

What We Do

 Coordination and Guidance of your clinics indications.

Arranging doctors indications and requirements. 


AMx3 Solutions is not only a group of experts who can find you the best location for your fertility treatment, we can also help with simplifying and helping you understnd your results. If you have questions about specific test results or are lost when it comes to the understnading your Ovarian Stimulation progress or Endometrial Preparation protocol, we can explain the progress in terms anyone can understand. If you were not able to understand what your doctor tried to explain, let us know. 

We simply break down the result so that anyone can understand them, pea so you can either request more information from your physician or feel better about the progress. AMx3 Solutions will not contradict nor question your doctors’ indications nor medical steps, we will simply try to explain the reasoning behind the medical indication.

We have access to licensed professionals who can help with real evaluations and explanations. Following complicated medical indications from afar can be scary and intimidating, please allow us to help make this a little less stressful. Sometimes even the smallest help can be the difference between a memorable journey and a regretful one.

Surrogacy Program Guidance

Medical, logistical and legal assistance

Couple and Surrogate Mother_edited.jpg

A Surrogacy Program in any country is a daunting and intimidating experience.
The unexpected news of needing a surrogate to carry your children can feel like a splash of cold water, or a wake up call that no one wants to hear. 
Just thinking about everything that is needed for a program such as this to be possible is enough to hav second thoughts. Before you give up, allow us to explain how this can be done with ease and confidence. AMx3 Solutions has built a network of experts who can make even a Surrogacy Program look easy. 

For men in a same sex relationship, the need for a surrogate can be more obvious and is probably the only option to have a biological child. AMx3 Solutions can help with this mission and make it to where both fathers are mentioned on the Birth Certificate of the child. Give us a call to learn more. 

The fight for equality continues and the advancements that have been made so far are impresive, join us in this struggle and take advantage of the rights that we all deserve. México is quickly becoming one of the best and brightest locations for Human Rights and AMx3 Solutions is proud to be a part of creating Amazing Mothers, Father and Children.

Egg / Sperm Donor Databases

Find the perfect profile for your future family.

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When embarking on a Fertility Journey, whether it be a Surrogacy or IVF Jounrey, one of the more important factors you will run into is finding the perfect Egg or Sperm Donor. The health of the baby is our number one priority and the donor selection plays a huge role in this process.

AMx3 Solutions has access to hundreds of donor profiles from around the world for you to choose from. Ranging from Latin donors from South America, to European donors from countries like the Ukraine or even South Africa donors, we are able to find the perfect match for your future children. Our donors are screened and testing to make sure that the quality of the eggs is the best and that the child are healthy and beautiful. 

IVF / Egg Donation IVF 

Coordination, medication and guidance.

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, is one of the major advancements of Reproductive Medicine.

AMx3 Solutions works with the best Fertility Centers in Mexico, not only for our Surrogacy Programs but also for women who are able to carry the child themselves but suffer from infertility.


Working with specialists and licensed professionals allows us to recommend the best location for your IVF or Egg Donation IVF. Not only will we send you to the right place, but we will also be with you along the way. By providing personal guides and assistance throughout the procedure, AMx3 Solutions allows you to focus on what is important, so we can take care of the rest.  Get in touch 



Guaranteed arrivals and in person deliveries. 

We understand that you may have started the procedure in one country but may be looking to finish in another.


AMx3 Solutions works with Cryopreserved Shipping Companies that can guarantee the arrival of your biological material to the location of your choice. The shipping of sperm, eggs or embryos can be a risky or scary task, so why not let the professionals take over and make sure this process is handled with care. Please keep in mind that the originating country or the destination country will have important influence on this process and costs and timing may vary. How can we help?

Fertility Meds: Online *

Low cost, reliable medication for your treatment.

Any fertility treatment that you may be performing will have a requirement of medication.

AMx3 Solutions works with the best Pharmacies in the world so you can receive the best medicine at the best cost. Your doctor will provide you with a list of meds that you will be needing for your treatment, send us this list and we can help you acquire the medication.

AMx3 Solutions has access to the producers and is able to ship directly to your door. The extremely high cost of medication at a local Pharmacy should notbe the reason that you are not able to get pregnant. Give us a call so we can help get what you need.  

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Accommodations and Reservations

Let us worry about the stressful part of traveling.

Traveling in itself is stressful and requires a lot of time and effort to make sure that the trip has all of the bases covered.  

Instead of doing all of this on your own, allow AMx3 Solutions to help. We can help with hotel reservations and having activities and tours ready so that you and your family have something to do while you are focusing on your treatment.


AMx3 Solutions can make this part of the process a lot less stressful so you can focus on what is important, your fertility treatment. Let us help make this trip not only a productive one but also one that you can enjoy with your loved ones.  

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