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Planning a Surrogacy Journey

Estimated timeframe: 18 months


When requesting a finalized quote for your Surrogacy Program or for your IVF Procedure, there are a few factors that will directly affect the total cost of the program. AMx3 Solutions will help to identify these factors and give you the most accurate quote for your treatment.

Please be aware that unexpected issues may arise during the program and some of these issues will be included in the overall quote, and some may incur additional costs. AMx3 Solutions will attempt to estimate the total amount contemplating or taking these issues into consideration.

Complete Surrogacy Program

·         Remote Evaluation by Fertility Specialist:

·         Multiple locations to choose from:

·         13 - 18 Donor Eggs, Local Mexican Donor:

·         IVF – In Vitro Fertilization:

·         Legal contracts and “Amparo” Trial 

·         Surrogate matching and evaluation:

·         Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET): 3 FETs

·         Pregnancy and Birth of the baby:

·         Passport to travel: $3,500.00 usd per baby

 Estimated cost
$66,000.00 usd

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Surrogacy Program Step by Step

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