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Cryo Shipping

Unforeseen circumstances may have caused you to change your mind about the location for your IVF or Embryo Storage. We understand that you may have started the procedure in one country but may be looking to finish in another. AMx3 Solutions works with Cryopreserved Shipping Companies that can guarantee the arrival of your biological material to the location of your choice. The shipping of sperm, eggs or embryos can be a risky or scary task, so why not let the professionals take over and make sure this process is handled with care.

Please keep in mind that the originating country or the destination country will have important influence in this process and costs and timing may vary. Please get in touch for a more thorough evaluation of your ideas and desires.

Shipping Requirements

When shipping frozen material from the point of origin to the destination, there are a few requirements that will need to be considered. AMx3 Solutions can take care of these requirements and provide options that can guarantee the arrival of your precious material.

Things to consider:

  1. Point of Origin permits.

    1. Export and import permissions.

    2. Container care and specifications

    3. Fragile material care.

  2. Destination permits:

    1. Import permissions and customs permits. (i.e. COFEPRIS)

    2. X-Ray scans and arrival processes.

  3. Cryo-shipping requirements and limitations:

    1. Nitrogen duration at required levels. (approx. 10 days)

    2. Limited timeline

    3. In person pick-ups and personal deliveries.

AMx3 Solutions works with reliable shipping companies that will get the job done. While they are working on the logistics of the shipping, we will be working on making sure the paperwork and permits are ready.

Teaming up with the best, has made us one of the best.

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