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June 2021, Mexican Supreme Court Ruling making surrogacy in Mexico legal for all who want to have a baby via Surrogacy.
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As members of the LGBTQ+ community, we have seen, and continue to see, advances in our fight for equality. Having a family of our own has always been a God given right for everyone to enjoy, it has been the means to which this is done that has been limited by local and foreign laws.  Well, not anymore, whether you are Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer, Non-binary or however you identify yourself, we all have the right to have biological children, and as of June 2021, the Mexican Supreme Court has agreed and has made the Surrogacy process available to all who wish to use a surrogate to have a baby. Surrogacy has always been a controversial topic with a lot of restrictions and regulations, some restrictions are logical and others have been unfair. With this ruling it is now possible for LGBTQIA+ members to use a Mexican citizen as their surrogate mother, where as before, just because of sexual preference, we were not allowed to perform these types of services.

Keep in mind that there are still strict protocols that need to be met in order for this process to be possible, and depending on the specific circumstances of the couple, or individual.
Mx3 Solutions  will be able to find the right program for your specific situation. By staying within Legal, Ethical and Medical boundaries, AMx3 Solutions is able to find the perfect solution for your process. 

There are few things that are experiences in life that give us genuine, long-lasting joy and happiness. Having a baby is one of those gifts that everyone should be able to experience, and now that we have been given the legal right to perform surrogacy procedures in Mexico, it is only fair that we take advantage of this advancement and start creating our families as soon as possible. Give us a call so we can evaluate your circumstances and see how to make your dream of parenthood a reality. 

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Surrogacy: For same sex male couples 

One of the beautiful things about being gay is that we have the option of choosing our families. We meet people and choose to let them in, and this allows us to create an extended family of which we can be proud of. However, when having biological children is at stake, two men will always be limited on the options available. For this, AMx3 Solutions has some of the best Surrogacy programs available. 

When a surrogate mother is needed for anyone to have a baby, gay or straight, there will always be factors that will influence the process. It is important to identify these factors so that these types of procedure do not run into any legal, medical nor ethical violations.  Once we have identified the important parts of the program, we can now begin the process of growing your biological family. 

Important frequently asked questions that need to be answered before moving forward with a surrogacy program:

1. Who will be the biological father?

2. Do you have an Egg Donor or a known donor to provide the Eggs?

3. When would you like to get started?

4. How many Embryos would you like to transfer at a time?

5. Is there a specific gender of the baby that you would prefer having first?

6. Can you meet the Egg Donor?

7. Can you meet the Surrogate Mother?

8. Can you be in the delivery room when the baby is born?

9. Will both men be on the birth certificate?

10. How long will you need to be in Mexico once the baby is born?

The signing of the birth certificate is one of the more important factors to determine the legal rights and responsibilities to the baby. Being a father is not determined by a sheet of paper nor biology, but having this document will help with the decisions that need to be made in life`s day to day responsibilities. So, when two men are both mentioned on the official birth certificate, as the fathers of the baby, this allows for both of them have the same legal rights and power of decision over the child.

Image by Katie Rainbow 🏳️‍🌈

R.O.P.A (Reciprocal IVF)
For same sex Female couples.

* Reciprocal IVF is when one female partner provides the Eggs to create the Embryos, and the other female partner carries the baby.


This has become one of the most popular options for women who want to have a more intimate involvement in the creation of their baby. 

the experience more intimately. 

When a Reciprocal IVF is being performed there are a few factors that will need to be identified. Such as who will be carrying the baby and who will be providing the Eggs to be fertilized? This is a great solution that allows for both women to have a mutual and biological involvement in the baby, which can facilitate an emotional link between both participants.

Important Frequently asked questions for a ROPA IVF:

1. Who will be the Egg Donor?

2. Who will carry the baby?

3. What is the timeframe of the "Egg Donor" to be in Mexico?

4. What is the timeframe for the Frozen Embryo Transfer to the carrier?

5. Can we choose the gender of the babies?

6. Can we transfer more than 1 Embryos?

7. Does the baby have to be born in Mexico?

8. Can we choose a sperm donor from a Sperm Bank or do we have to provide one?

Once the decisions have been made, each of the participants will be given a specific protocol to follow. The partner providing the Eggs will go through an Ovarian Stimulation in order for the clinic to acquire the Eggs that will be fertilized by the sperm sample.


The partner who will be carrying the baby will be provided an Endometrial Preparation Protocol in order to prepare the Endometrial Lining to receive the Embryos that were created.

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